Personal Training at CFF

PT_bw4For years, people have asked one simple question; what is the secret of fitness? Upon asking multiple trainers and fitness centers that same question, they all arrived with the same answer. Effort. In order to reach new heights with your health, you have to be able to put forth the effort to simply just do it. Many people have problems staying motivated to go to the gym. Its much easier to watch T.V. at home right? Wrong! Our certified personal trainers are here to ensure your success. There are no hoops to jump through, well maybe literally, and no tedious formulas to calculate.

Simply put, we are here to watch you grow and succeed. We work with you step by step through the process and will make sure you thoroughly understand where you are and how you can achieve the next level. With our personal training program, you are not simply a client, you are an example.

Become one today!

Personal Training Rates

1/2 Hour – $30.00
1 Hour – $50.00
8 (1/2 Hours) – $220.00
8 Hours – $375.00