CFF Membership Plans





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Yearly on Contract

First Adult

Spouse or Domestic Partner


Plus Membership

Platinum Membership

Senior Over 60 (limited hours)

Monthly Off-Contract




Resident Outside

Brunswick County

Club Enhancement Fee








$52.00 per person




Per Person


Monthly Dues







**6 mo. membership

Corporate/Military $32

Spouse or Domestic Partner $31.99

Children (ages 10-18 years) $19.99

Spouse or Domestic Partner (for Crossfit) $77

Extended Hour Key (available for Yearly Contract & Crossfit members only):

$30 one time activation fee

$5 per month

Guest Passes (no contract)

Looking to try out our facility without signing a contract? No problem here. We offer guest passes for those looking to try out our facility or if you’re new to the fitness world in general. At Cape Fear Fitness, there is never any intimidation, simply motivation.Try us out today!

Daily $8

Weekly $25

Monthly $52

Seasonal Membership

Are you looking for a fitness center but are afraid of signing huge contracts with miles of red tape? We here at CFF understand your pain. Our Seasonal Membership is tailored around YOUR schedule. Whether you’re home from a business trip or just on vacation for the summer, Cape Fear Fitness will be here for all of your fitness needs.

Seasonal (resident outside Brunswick County) $225 per person for year

Senior Membership

Are you 60 or older? We offer competitive membership plans for the most tenured in life. At CFF, we focus on YOU while ensuring that your success is never limited regardless of age or limitation. We already have your goals in our cross hairs. Join today! We won’t let you down! Senior hours at the gym are 10am-3:30pm.


Let us help You be a better You