Cape Fear Fitness Smoothie Bar is a fully equipped juice and smoothie bar that can handle all of your pre-workout hungers. With your well being in mind, we maintain an innovative routine in offering the most natural and delicious smoothies available. Looking for some delicious almond butter to add to your smoothie? How about some oatmeal or granola? We have just what you’re looking for. Our selection of Add In’s will keep you energized as well as easing soreness and fatigue. Want a little more? You can make any smoothie “X-treme” by adding some wheat grass, oatmeal and your choice of peanut or almond butter. Talk about a bulk up! Our superior “Pre-Workout’s” boosts give you that extra energy for that last set. With all of these delicious options, we guarantee your mouth will water. But don’t take our word for it. Allow your taste buds to be the judge!