1- Minimum age for using the gym is 10 years old (with a parent) or 16 years old (without a parent)

2- Cape Fear Fitness is a private facility. NO ONE is allowed past the front desk until he or she presents a membership card, signs in, registers as a guest, or states his or her business with a staff member at the front desk. Guests must register even if no activities are intended.

3- Lockers are available for daily use, and it is recommended that members and guests lock their valuables in lockers while using the facility. All locks are to be removed each day. Locks that are left on lockers at the end of each day are subject to removal.

4- Members are encouraged to check in no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to The Club’s posted closing time.

5- Proper attire must be worn at all times. This includes no exercising in jeans or street clothes, and shirts worn at all times with the exception of locker room areas.

For the benefit of all members, be courteous and observe these rules:

6- Bring a fresh towel to each workout.

7- Do not drop free weights

8- Do not drop dumbbells

9- Do not lean against mirrors

10- Allow other members to work in with you

11-Limit cardio equipment use to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

12- Re-rack your weights in the correct order

13- Remove and re-rack olympic plates in the correct place


Group Class Rules
1. Member’s pay $6.00 per class and NON-Members pay $8.00 per class.
If you would like to add unlimited classes to your membership, we offer two options:
– PLUS membership: An extra $10.00 per month (includes unlimited classes only)
– PLATINUM membership: An extra $20.00 per month (includes unlimited classes and
– Occasionally, CFF will provide workshops which will NOT be included in the PLUS or PLATINUM memberships. These workshops will be available for a nominal fee to both members and nonmembers.

2. Sign-in at the front desk.

3. You may call ahead for any class, the day before beginning at 6:30pm. You and YOU ALONE may call yourself in. You may NOT call others in. If you call ahead and cannot make class, it is
your responsibility to let the gym know. Otherwise, you will be charged $8.00 for that class-no matter your membership rate.

4. Make sure you receive an orange “Group Class” pass before class. Please give this to your Instructor. If you do not receive one, please see the front desk. Anyone who comes into class without an orange pass will be directed back to the front desk to sign in.

5. Return all equipment to where it belongs. Any equipment used during class, must be wiped down at the end of class with the disinfectant wipes provided by CFF and returned to its proper

Spinning Group Class Rules
1. There are limited amounts of spots in SPINNING. Please sign-in at the front desk upon arrival or call ahead the night before beginning at 6:30pm to ensure your spot.

2. You may only call yourself in. If you call ahead and can NOT make class, it is your responsibility to let the gym know. If you fail to do so, you will be charged $8.00 for that class.

3. There are 5 call ahead spots available and 3 walk in spots available. Walk in’s may come no earlier than 1 hour prior to class to reserve your spot.

4. Make sure you receive an orange “Group Class” pass for every class. Give this to your Instructor. If you do not have one upon arriving to class, you will be redirected back to the front desk.

5. PLEASE check your bike. Your safety is important to us. If anything seems “off” about your bike, please let your Instructor know.

6. Please wipe down your equipment at the end of each class with the disinfectant wipes provided by CFF.

7. Please note other group class rules and regulations.