Looking to push yourself past your physical limits? Cape Fear Fitness is to the rescue. Our high intensity classes will blast you into outer space without feeling like you’re in zero gravity. We have an assortment of high intensity classes that will put you to the test. Our Spin Flex class incorporates 30 minutes of calorie burning SPIN rides as well as total body designed workouts when off the bike. Looking for maximum overdrive? Our OVERDRIVE class will have you in some of the best shape of your life, utilizing 30 minutes of high tabata training. How about keeping that beach body all year long? Our “Absolute Core” class will have you ready for the waves in no time. At Cape Fear Fitness, the sky’s the limit. Check out the rest of our classes below or give us a call for more information!

20/20/20: A Total Body workout that utilizes weights, incorporates cardio, and muscle tone/stretch

Absolute Core: 30 minutes of being ALL ABOUT the abs. This is one class that will keep you beach ready all year long.

Balletes’: Ballet, Pilates, & cardio for a total body toning class!

Bikes-n-Bags: 15 minutes SPIN & 30 minutes of hitting & kicking bags!

Cardio Pump: Cardio intense and strength training in one upbeat class.

HIIT: 30 MINUTE, HIGH intensity intervals.

POWER SPIN: Bring your “A Game.” This is a 30 minute, high intensity ride.

OVERDRIVE: 30 minutes of high intensity tabata training

Spin Flex: 30 minutes of calorie burning SPIN rides & 20 minutes off the bike incorporating total body designed workouts when off.

Spinning: Action packed class that focuses on cardio, strength, and endurance while utilizing different resistance, speed, and positions on a stationary bike.

Total Beatdown: 45 minutes of pushing yourselves into better shape-bootcamp style!

TRX: 45 minutes of strength training and toning using resistance bands and a combination of floor exercises. This class is designed to test your limits and improve them.

Why Weight: Strength training class utilizing free weights to define and sculpt YOU.