Our unique fitness schedule is sure to impress as we have a class to accommodate every member of your family. We offer some of the most innovative classes available at competitive prices. Divided by classroom, our trainers will help you grow through fitness and wellness coaching. Interested in starting Yoga? Try our Beginner Yoga Workshop! Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Looking for something a tad more challenging? We offer Zumba classes that burn the calories while adding some fun to the mix. We also offer Bootcamp/PT training to whip you into shape, as well as STEP classes, Soothing Styles and a Restorative SPIN n Stretch class. Join today!

Beginner Yoga Workshop: This will be a class for those new to yoga. Introducing & providing detail of the breathing and philosophy. More detail and modifications of some of the more popular poses.

Bootcamp/PT Training: A variety of cardio and strength exercises that focuses on overall physical health.

Pilates PLUS: Pilates principles include control, fluid movement, breathing, concentration, stability and postural alignment. Focuses on core strength, muscle toning, and endurance. Add in fun and cardio, and you have PILATES PLUS.

Yoga: Yoga develops the body. It does not simply focus on the physical but on the mental and spiritual aspects as well. It blends a unique balance of breathing, meditation, and exercises.

ZUMBA: This easy to follow, Latin inspired calorie burning, fitness party moves millions of people toward joy and health!